Changes to T&Cs (

I wish companies would provide a summary of what has changed and how it might affect customers when they notify you of updated T&Cs and privacy statements, instead of just giving you the link to the updated documents. At the very least they could provide an easy way to compare against the previous versions to enable diff'ing. 

The change by - the popular location and fitness tracking application - should come as no surprise following its recent acquisition by Facebook. However, to make such a change with no indication for what's changed and their motivation for doing so feels underhand. The passive-aggresive nature of offering the option to easily delete your account is fine, thanks very much - but that's the least we expect.

Companies, especially those trusted with sensitive data, should do better at explaining their decisions.

Having used Moves for exactly 400 days, I have now deleted my account.
(But not before I downloaded my data over the last 12 months or so in JSON.)

Updated Moves terms and conditions. Updated Moves Privacy Policy.