Wearable technology and who should we trust

Products like Google Glass are a good thing. You may not like it, or don’t feel a need for it – but these sorts of moon shots are needed. While I don’t think I’d invest in a pair of Google Glass, future products in the same vein may hold more interest.

And the only reason I won’t be buying Google Glass: because it’s made by Google.

Their desire and hunger for information gathering — personal or otherwise — knows no bounds. I have no intention of adding even more intimate details to this ever expanding collection of data.

This got me thinking: who could we trust to introduce technology that is intrusive, which can do much good, but also equal amounts of harm?

There is no trust in any of the public or private institutions, nor is there any trust with charities or church. I can’t think of a single organisation that you could reasonbly trust to safely, reliably and with garauntees of intention and use to operate such a system or platform.

That is a shame.