Pen & paper

"My pen and paper give me a bit of balance and escape from my otherwise fully-digital workflows. I do almost all my reading, writing, task management, research, communcation, and more from something that has a screen and an Internet connection. But I always have my pen and notebook opened beside me because I employ a hybrid sort of system that uses both digital and analog tools. In short, I start out each day with a cup of coffee, my iPad, my notebook, and my pen. I then scrub through my OmniFocus to-do list and write down on paper all the tasks I hope to do that day. I also write down my "big three" goals which will define success for me. And then, I write down my day's schedule -- I make appointments for when I'm going to do my goals and tasks.

The whole process takes me less than 10 minutes, and when I'm done I now have a written down, concrete plan for my day -- I know what to do and when to do it.

Not only is this a nice excuse to actually write with pen and paper, but I also like the "distraction free" environment of a notebook when it comes to referencing my plans as I move through the day. Moreover, you can't flip through the pages of your archived OmniFocus database. Having a journal which is thick with crossed off action items and scribbled-down thoughts is proof that I am, in fact, showing up every day and getting to work. It's proof for me alone. It's my own reminder that today I am not in the same place I was yesterday."