Relevant  technology, data security, & privacy updates

The plan is to (infrequently) publish a newsletter targetted at family and friends to offer what I believe to be important information in the technology space, with particular focus on data security and privacy. Other topics such as general productivity tips, automation, and effective and easy data backup strategies will also be covered.

There are a few reasons for doing this.

  1. In the hope that it'll help those around me by offering important information and simple suggestions in a convenient way, especially when many don’t have the time to carry out the same research due to other commitments.
  2. It encourages me to learn more about such topics if I have to then articulate it in a few words to others.
  3. It forces me to write, which I want to do more of.

All editions of the newsletter will be available here. If you're interested you can sign up for the newsletter using the form below. You can also contact me via

Thank you.

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